Preparing for Aurora Chamber Music

So, on Friday this week I'm heading to Trollhättan in Southern Sweden for a week-long course in chamber music, orchestral playing and solo masterclasses. I've recently found out that I will also play in the orchestra that's conducted by Kurt Masur!! 

He truly is such a living legend and I feel it like an enormous privilege to be able to play under him. We will play Mendelssohn's 4th symphony, Schumann's 4th symphony and the overture to Tannhäuser by Wagner. They're all very tricky pieces, hard parts! The Wagner is especially hard... the main melody is accompanied in the strings by scales, all semi-chromatic, and the finger patterns are very tricky to get under your fingers... Well, it's nothing some slow work with a metronome hasn't solved before! 

Stay tuned! 

12 Aug 2015