Orchestral Audition

So, back to Academy for the very last year as an undergraduate - I honestly cannot believe three years has past since I first came to London! Everything was so new, so strange, so hectic, so wonderful and I definetly took on way too much. Anyway - lesson learnt. I feel settled now and the year ahead is looking to be absolutely marvellous, as long as I keep working hard! 

First up is the bi-annual orchestral audition at the Academy. This time it matters a little bit extra, as last year undergraduates have the chance to be selected to audition for the LSO string scheme. I have worked very hard with the preparation of excerpts this summer - a couple of tricky ones from Strauss "Tod und Verklärung" & "Don Juan"...! But I feel ready to do the audition now - I'm actually really looking forward to play! 

Then on Wednesday it's concert already - with the wonderful Pinto Trio that I've joined for this project, 7.30 in St Mary's Perivale, come along! 


13 Sep 2015