May Mukle Cello Prize

Last weekend I was competing in the May Mukle Prize at the Academy together with Julia Klimek. We were "Very Highly Commended" - which is indeed very encouraging!

That whole weekend was incredibly eventful though - I had to go to Sweden early Friday morning, to rehearse with a pianist for a scholarship award concert in Stockholm on Saturday evening, and then back to London on Sunday morning, to play in the competition at 2pm. Very stressful indeed, and not something I'd like to do all the time - the stress when the flight was a little delayed on the way back to London was a little bit too much for my nerves, I think. I'll tell you the story about the flight back below - it's worth a read!

It started off with the plane being over-booked (how can that happen?!), and then it took some time for them to find some volounteers to take a different oute to London. Then we were delayed and got a new "slot-time" - it's the time when the plane is allowed to go into the queue for take off. When we were out on the runway, there suddenly seemed to be a problem with the airplane, so we had to go back to the gate to find out what that was all about! After ca 5 mins, the problem was resolved and we had to go into the queue again for take-off - and when we finally were air-borne, we were 1 hour late... When you have got out of bed at 4.30am, you do want to arrive to your destination on time!

However; a friend from school was working as a cabin crew member on the way back to London - and seeing her definitely helped me to calm down! How fun it is to have friends around the world!

Next up - concert with the Seventy Chamber Choir in Kent on Saturday, technical exam at the Academy on Sunday, and concert with the Eroica Ensemble at King's place next Wednesday!

Stay tuned! 


2 Mar 2016