Auditioning time

So these days I have been up to preparing for GMJO (Gustav Mahler Jugend Orkester) and EUYO (European Union Youth Orchestra) auditions that are coming up. I had my GMJO audition last week and the EUYO is coming up in about a weeks time.

It is exciting and very interesting to prepare these auditions. I haven't had so much experience from before of preparing orchestral excerpts and I must say, it's really very very exciting, in a different way than learning solo and chamber music repertoire. Orchestral excerpts require a lot of precision, in one way to a much larger extent than solo repertoire. In a solopiece you have the freedom and choice to go with (or not with!) what the composer suggests in the music, whereas in the excerpts you have to show that you simply understand what the composer intends, but in such a way that the panel will understand you're an amazing player and have the technique to play it any way they'd require you to do. 

And this is what you think about while you're playing Haydn D-major concerto...! 

L x

14 Nov 2014